About Us

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Our Vision:

To put Main Street on equal footing with Wall Street.

Our Mission:

To provide small businesses with the digital marketing strategies and tools that they need to develop and build a sustainable competitive advantage within the digital marketspace.

Why we do what we do.

We love small businesses. For good reason, too. There are millions of small businesses in the USA. They surround us, they employ millions of us, and they form the backbone of our economy. Life as a founder, owner, or employee of a small business is tough. Hours are long, sleep is a rare occurrence, and free time… Well, it doesn’t exist. It’s hard to move the world forward with only 24 hours in a day.

This is why we’re here. ChromosomeTwo exists for the millions of inventors, adventurers, and entrepreneurs who are too involved with creating the next big thing to worry about the details of their digital marketing strategy. At ChromosomeTwo, we want to shape the future. How do we do this? By providing digital marketing solutions to the small businesses who are changing the world.

Want to learn more about us?

Keep searching our website, give us a call (385.325.CTWO), send us an email (talk@chromosometwo.com), or submit an inquiry through our contact us page.